A Day of Innovation on the Future of the Book
8 December 2011 | Watershed, Bristol

How can companies in publishing compete with the likes of Amazon, Apple and Google? How can they use innovation to stay ahead of the game? We investigate in The Future of Publishing: A Report on Innovation and the Future of the Book. The next stage of the Report, researched with Plymouth University, will look further into the journey of the businesses involved in the Future of Publishing programme, sharing insights, how-tos and advice.

Download the report [4.0MB]


Author: Alastair Horne (@pressfuturist)
Design: Rich Cousins ( based on the Media Futures design style guide by Loat Davies
Managing editor: Conrad Roots
Digital report producer: Michael Kowalski and Rosy Rong, Contentment (
Programme producers: Tracey Guiry, Nico Macdonald and Laura North

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The first part of the Future of Publishing report will be also be available in digital format (developed by Contentment, intially for Apple iPad), to be showcased at Publish! on 8 December 2011.