Saturday, 28 November 2015

Track 1: Skills in the innovation process

Many skills are needed in the innovation process from the acknowledged creative skills of journalists, creators and artists to marketers, advertisers and investors. However, people with these skills often work in serial, not parallel, without a clear understanding of each others’ contribution. To facilitate inter-disciplinary understanding, we have brought together people working in three areas – research, design, and development – to talk about their work. They will reflect on the value their discipline brings to innovation, its methods and approaches, how it is presented to and integrates with other elements in the process, current challenges, sources of inspiration, and new thinking in their area.

Matt Biddulph

“I am someone who can explore possibilities in data. It’s an ideation stage”
Matt Biddulph



Ian Worley, Director of User Experience, Flow Interactive

David Lipkin, Founder and EVP, Method, Inc.

Matt Biddulph, CTO, Dopplr


Andy Hobsbawm, European Chairman,


Ian Worley Research is the foundation of all innovation. As a set of tools and techniques that provide insight into the nature of things, research needs to be integrated throughout the entire design and development lifecycle. Arguably, research is just a formalised aspect of the creative process whereby observation is transformed through play and feedback into something which has meaning and value. In the world of media, where new technology is transforming how people create, access, collect, share and ultimately consume different media, research plays a particularly invaluable role in understanding the nuances of attitudes and behaviour at different social and cultural scales (from individuals to communities) needed to create innovative solutions and new directions.

Reports and Commentary

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